Thursday 11 September 2008

Three shots to the head: Okkervil River

I still haven't worked out what I think of Okkervil River. I think they're very good musicians, with an interesting sound – and good vocals ...

... but I find their songs sometimes lack shape and contrast (that word again). I'd like more musical variety within each song.

In any case, many people like them, even if Heavy Soil has yet to come out with a ringing endorsement. And they released their new album, The Stand Ins, yesterday. Awesome artwork (embroidered!) depicted above. At the time of writing, you can stream full tracks from said album on their website.

Today's song, however, is older:

The President's Dead (this mp3 is hosted on their record label site)

This song is all about what happens at 1 minute 54s, really. Listen to it and you will see why.


Anonymous said...


stu said...

I thought they were excellent at Truck, in a Songs:Ohia kinda way. Mmm.

Tom Parnell said...

Yes, Mr Craig, it would seem to be all about the bangs.

Stu: yeh, I can imagine they'd be good live. I notice they're doing a youtube linkup with live acoustic videos:

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