Friday 12 September 2008

Get violent with Rose Kemp. Ooh. Cheap.

Heavy Soil is making a quick post before Heavy Soil goes on the razz.

Leaving you with a good (genuinely unsettling) video for a good song. Violence, by Rose Kemp (website,  <--- Um, but, seriously, Rose old gal, get your website looked at. It's migraine-inducingly badly designed. All that small, badly-formated text. Agh!

Good things
Proper big heavyness, preceded by quietness. So, er, that'd be contrast once again, I guess.
And a chorus without singing. Woo.
A female vocalist who sings with body (no, not her body. Body.)

Slightly less good things
Possibly outstays its welcome just a tad? An outro too far?
Lyrically a little glib?

What think'st thou, o reader?


Anonymous said...

I think I prefer the video to the song. It reminds me of "Genre" by Don Hertzfeldt (sadly I can't find it on youtube to show you), particularly pulling drawings off the page. The song is good too, mind.

Tom Parnell said...

Ah, wonderful. We appear to be near-simultaneously commenting on one another's blogs.


I agree, incidentally, with your preference of video over music, in this case.

(As you'll observe, Heavy Soil is not yet on the razz.)

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