Saturday, 27 September 2008

Heavy Soil Session: Dimensions

Well, I am pleased to present the results of the first Heavy Soil session.

A song by me called Dimensions: dimensions.mp3 (right-click and choose 'save file as' to download)

In true session style (and to curb any perfectionist tendencies) the whole thing was recorded and mixed today (though the song was already written) - and arranged to feature, yes, the cello.

I like to think that the rough edges and slightly hamfisted mix all just add to the charm. Right?

I warmly cherish the hope that, in time to come, I will record sessions featuring musicians other than myself.

If you are a musician and fancy the notion of recording a song in a day for Heavy Soil – and if you find yourself within reach of Oxford, UK – email me, won'tcha?


Rebecca said...

well, you kept that one quiet... Excellent. Please may we have the lyrics too...?

Tom Parnell said...

Well, thank you, Miss Rebecca.

I'm a little reluctant to post the lyrics, as to do so is to expose them to - perhaps - more attention than they warrant. But, well, hey ...

Well I wish
That you
Were just a picture in my head
Fixed in two dimensions with a smile

But the shot's
Being spoilt
By the thoughts of your hands
And the way that you cried

And I thought that I'd worked it out
Had it all in a formula
With too many electrons
Neat on paper, fixed in two dimensions

But I spoke
To you, I speak
To you: remember your dimensions
And the taste of your mouth

And from outside
The beautiful things are so clear
Skies and water
And you
And what I have lost
Is more, and the same

Did Eve and Adam laugh or cry?
I'm scared when I think how I cried.

Anonymous said...

Good god, that was good Mr. Parnell! If you want to whack together some freaky improvised shit with me sometime, I'd be delighted.

Tom Parnell said...

And thank you, Mr Craig.

I confess that notions of potential collaboration with your good self had occurred to me, yes ... That would be rather splendid.

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