Monday, 1 September 2008

A reminder of brilliance

Today, my friends: moshing. But moshing with a turding great splinter in your foot.

Nirvana. Specifically, the song You Know You're Right. This was recorded during Nirvana's last ever session. That knowledge = the splinter, right?

The lyrics are fairly direct and uncompromising. Not a great deal of analysis needed there, I feel.

Things to love about this song
  • The fact that the song proper kicks off with this cheesy, palm-muted, faux-jaunty intro
  • The lack of pissing around with a lengthy build-up: a Pixies-esque cut to the chase
  • The modal, oriental-sounding melody of the chorus
  • Cobain's sodding fantastic vocals at around the 2-minute mark
  • The repeating 'You know you're right', which continues that bit longer than you think it possibly could
Read the tabloid-friendly soap-opera of a story of the song (after Cobain's suicide) on wikipedia.


Ally said...

Cogwheel Dogs should cover this, imagine the terrifying laser 'cello!

Tom Parnell said...

Ah, Ally, the Nirvana covers we could do ... (Well, I say "could" ... At this time, actually, we couldn't, not having fully rehearsed any. But, um, you know ...)

Very Ape is currently top of the list. *Brilliant* song ... I'm sure Rebecca has rhapsodised on it to you already?

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