Thursday 16 October 2008

Loosening the Bowels of the Earth

Gratuitous headline? Gratuitous blog.

When Heavy Soil assumed its current form, those distant – um – weeks ago, it set out its manifesto thus:
Each weekday (Monday to Friday), [Heavy Soil will provide] one recommended song or piece of music, a line or two about why I think it's interesting – and, godwilling, a link to somewhere you can listen to it., most probably.
And that's more or less what's been happening.

But here's the rub, dear Soiler: Heavy Soil does not uncover great new songs at a rate of 5 per week. The vast majority of new music to which Heavy Soil listens, indeed, is not to Heavy Soil's (highly refined) taste.

See the problem?

We are churning through good songs at a faster pace than we are discovering new ones. In business terms, I guess, this would be called an unsustainable practice. To spin a metaphor: Heavy Soil is eating into its savings. Living above its means. Exceeding its income.

Some day (new paragraph, new metaphor), Heavy Soil's iTunes pasture (currently so fertile) will be rendered barren by overfarming.

You get the picture

(You do get the picture, don't you? Please say yes. Don't make me use another metaphor.)

So, henceforth, Heavy Soil will ease off somewhat with regard to the frequency of songs of the day.

The changes

Don't cry, little one; don't cry. For the changes will, we hope, be relatively painless:
  • Posts will deviate from their one-per-weekday schedule. Instead, we'll post two or three songs of the day per week
  • Themes will run as long as they have mileage, rather than being limited or stretched to five days each

Of course, just as soon as Heavy Soil grows rich enough to retire from its day job and spend the days carrying out armchair A&R, things'll be different.

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