Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Uncoolness Continues: Inspiro-prog

Hell, Heavy Soil's current theme (Songs It's Not Particularly Cool To Like) is fucking killing me. Damn it, it's a recipe for evenings suffused with nostalgic tears.

This in mind, I give you:

This song fucking owns. I don't care who disagrees. Flutes, a cor anglais, brass section fanfares ... Gongs and strings aplenty ... Then some quasi-flamenco guitar and vibraphone (?) action. Guitar solo in parallel thirds at around 3.20. It's all here, my friends.

Imagine a young Billicatons, if you will, absolutely entranced by this. Never mind the Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Doors or Nirvana ... Heck, it was songs like this that made me yearn to play guitar, as I sat in the back-seat of the car, my childish breath misting the window.

(Don't cry for me: I'm already dead.)

Anyhow, listen to this song. Listen to it, I beg of ye, with an open mind. Luxuriate in the progness of it all. And that lovely, melancholic first-inversion-based piano chord sequences. Luscious.


seksenakildoksanfikir said...


I don't understand your criteria whather is good song or not?

Tom Parnell said...

Hi delizade ...

Criteria? Well, whether or not I like the song is generally a good start ... I think I'd be hard-pressed to define a list of ingredients that would guarantee a good song.

In the case of the song featured in this post ('Ammonia Avenue') -- I think this is a great song, because it has a brilliant lead vocal melody, great chord changes (nice 1st-inversions), a smattering of key changes and a coherent, satisfying structure and progression, despite the fact that it's pretty long.

I also just like it. Because it reminds me of being a child (when my parents would play it).

Does that answer your question?

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