Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Who'd cover Joanna Newsom?

A San Francisco band called Sholi, it would appear, who have committed to tape their own version of Miss Newsom's Sprout and the Bean.

And I think it's pretty good, in a loose, sparse, indified sort of way. It goes beyond mimickry to reinterpretation – which is good. The mix is not great, it must be said (vocals too low at times). But I applaud, nevertheless.

I guess it does raise a question, though: how wise is it to cover the work of an artist whose sound is so original; whose musicianship so accomplished? This is a good cover – but it simultaneously highlights the fact that Sholi are not of Joanna Newsom's calibre (at the moment, anyhow).

... And, if that's the way you like to do things, have a peek at the Sholi website. Line drawings and all.

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