Friday 29 August 2008

Shearwater: sunwarped piano, creaky organicism

Friday brings you a short, sub-3-minute vignette from Shearwater called 'An Accident'. Listen to it on Last FM.

It begins with echoey, warblingly detuned piano notes – as if recorded on a beatup old cassette, then left in the sun for a day or two.

Then we encounter lazy dissonances and – again – some kind of creaky wind-organ. A nice, crisp and weighty double bass. And, later, a glockenspiel makes its chimey appearance. Subtly.

There's a slightly Yorkeish quality to the vocals, and the whole thing has more than a hint of Radiohead about it – but a restrained, folky, creakingly organic and lo-fi Radiohead. No histrionics here.

Rather beautifully minimal, I think. How about you?

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