Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Whither Heavy Soil?

So: 2009.

Heavy Soil has, we may observe, become a little less dense on the ground as the late months of 2008 have worn on. Posts have become a tad infrequent, &c &c.

For this, Heavy Soil apologises. Y'all must be devastated.

I've been reviewing what works well – the points at which Heavy Soil is at its earthy best – and have fixed upon a change of emphasis for the new year.

Henceforth, expect to see a shift away from 'Song of the Day' posts toward review-type shenanigans. The most 'popular' (in terms of visits) post of the year, y'see, was my thoughts on Ben Folds' latest (disappointing) album, Way To Normal. Ultimately, there are many people ont' blogosphere with more time, bigger iTunes libraries, and fingers closer to the pulse.

Reviews is wot we does best. So reviews is wot we will be writin.

Enjoy the dregs of 2008, won'tcha? Slurp 'em all down, ready to refill your metaphorical (and quite possibly literal) glass in a few hours' time ...

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Anonymous said...

cool site. If you get a chance swing round and check out some of my tunes. Nothing pro, but I do get down and dirty.

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